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Rustic Painted Numbers

Style No.

  • Red: 31064RD1
  • Red: 31064RD2
  • Red: 31064RD3
  • Red: 31064RD4
  • Red: 31064RD5
  • Red: 31064RD6
  • Red: 31064RD7
  • Red: 31064RD8
  • Red: 31064RD9
  • Red: 31064RD0
  • White: 31064WH1
  • White: 31064WH2
  • White: 31064WH3
  • White: 31064WH4
  • White: 31064WH5
  • White: 31064WH6
  • White: 31064WH7
  • White: 31064WH8
  • White: 31064WH9
  • White: 31064WH0


Vintage-style painted iron number plates with a rustic finish available in red and antique white. perfect for identifying your house or business, or for placing in the home as an interesting visual.

These are designed to patina and rust over time if used outdoors.


H 30cm x W 20cm


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